Happy Advent! Worship services for elders with dementia

Just under the wire: I finally got a chance to upload the Advent season worship services. I’m so excited about these! I love the chance to celebrate this beautiful season of hope, love, joy, and peace with elders. And we always love singing the classic Christmas hymns.

Speaking of hymns: I also created a special Christmas Hymnal to use with these services. The audio accompaniment is a combination of songs from Christmas with ElderSong (CD only) and A Christmas Carol Singalong with the London Fox Singers (available for MP3 download). Of course, you can use whatever accompaniment you like!

Print the single-page Christmas Hymnal cover in color. Print the songs document double-sided.

I suggest using page protectors before putting the pages into notebooks. Also, when assembling, make sure page 1 is a right-hand page so that page numbers appear in the outside corner of each page.

Bible discussions, too

Last year I also created four Bible studies for the Advent season. Each covers one of the ancient “hymns” heralding the birth of Jesus: Mary’s Magnificat, Zechariah’s Blessing, the Angels’ Gloria, and the Song of Simeon. I hope these, too, are useful to you if you care for a family member or group of elders with dementia.

Blessings and peace to you during this holiday season!



Photo by CongerDesign

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