Hymns for Dementia: Now on YouTube!

As I’m sure will come as no surprise, the covid-19 / coronavirus has caused me to cancel all my spiritual care services for the foreseeable future.

It tears me up to know that these seniors are among the most vulnerable to this disease. On top of that, I expect this crisis has increased their isolation, fear, and confusion.

As I was feeling rather helpless, I received this timely email on Wednesday:

Is there any way you can upload the sing-along hymns on YouTube so they are easily accessible on any device? Our facility uses a large TV to cast videos on. It would make it so much easier. –Pastor Connie

Yes! Since I got that email, I have been working like mad to get my sing-along hymns and lyrics on YouTube. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do, and now is clearly the time.

Ask and you shall receive

After a steep learning curve and help from my tech-savvy husband, I just finished uploading the first 28 hymns to YouTube. I chose these 28 because they’re the ones that correspond to my ready-to-use hymnal for use with my worship services.

These songs are suitable anytime, as well as for special services for Lent and Easter.

I’ll keep working on the rest (only about 60 to go! 🙂 ) and will add them to this channel. I haven’t played around much with my channel settings, so I’ll be working on that too. (Any advice is welcome.)

Praying for you

You, my readers, subscribers, friends, and more, are in my prayers during this difficult time. Please, please send me ideas for things that would make this crisis more bearable for you and your loved ones, especially elders with dementia.

And let’s not forget to send love and support to the dedicated caregivers in long-term residences. They keep showing up for these elders and they are undoubtedly working long shifts to make up for the lack of entertainers, volunteers, and others who typically break up the day. You all are heroes.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

9 thoughts on “Hymns for Dementia: Now on YouTube!

  1. Pastor Connie Benton-Lucas says:

    I love you my sister and I’m keeping you in my prayers as well. You are my hero. You have opened a whole new door for those that serve the Lord and His elderly sheep. I’m so humbled and honored you took my suggestion to heart and put it to work. The Lord will say to you, “well done my good and faithful servant.”

    Thank you for being the vessel that God has chosen to provide the tools He blessed us with.

    God Bless you and your family.
    Pastor Connie


  2. Douglas or Denise Bush says:

    Beautiful! We just enjoyed “It Is Well With My Soul”. It’s not just nursing homes. Church services are cancelled and millions over 65 are encouraged to self-isolate. Thanks and God bless. Add a note to viewers to be sure and subscribe and “like” the videos. That way your ministry may get some cash returns, at no cost to your viewers. Yours, Douglas


  3. Barb Beyer says:

    Yes, thank you, Elisa, for turning a crisis into an opportunity! The Lord can use the YouTube -version hymns to reach more seniors than you could reach by yourself. What a blessing!


  4. Paula Classey says:

    Elisa, I work in Spiritual Care in a long term care home. I am very impressed with your work. There are so little resources that have found. I have just begun to tell activation to use your videos on services when I am not there. I have found hymn sing sites but I love how clear and simple yours are and great variety you offer. The quality of the singing and playing is very good. I do very much appreciate that you make use of this public. I appreciate you too.


    • Elisa Bosley says:

      Paula, that’s music to my ears! You’re right, I also found very few resources when I started this work … hence making them myself 😉 I also appreciate that you “get” why the hymn arrangements are so simple — again, not something I found easily available. The songs will soon be on streaming services too! Thanks again for your kind words, and please let me know if there are other resources you think would be helpful as you bless elders.


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