Spiritual Eldercare offers guidance and resources to meet the spiritual needs of elders, especially those with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Scroll down to access free, dementia-friendly Bible studies, worship services, sing-along hymns, and more to help you walk alongside and bring joy to the souls of seniors. And please contact me if you have any questions.

Elisa Bosley, Chaplain

I love ALL of your Bible Studies! I lead a Bible Discussion at an Assisted Living Facility every Wednesday and have used a lot of your resources for that. I use them every week! Thank you so much for putting them together! I’d be interested in any new Bible study resources that you put together. The residents really love them and they are easy to lead and follow. I greatly appreciate you and am so happy I was able to find this resource. Blessings on you and all you do.

Kelly R., Weatherford, OK

I have consulted (and used) your online resources for my weekly work with seniors at our city-owned Long Term Care Facility. I love using the excellent bible studies, which you’ve made both accessible and adaptable. Thank you so much for your generous ministry; it has enhanced my Chaplaincy immensely! Blessings be with you.

Rev. Andreas Theil