Spiritual Eldercare offers guidance and free resources to meet the spiritual needs of elders, especially those with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Access dementia-friendly Bible studies, nondenominational worship services, classic sing-along hymns and spirituals, and more to help you walk alongside and bring joy to the souls of seniors.

Elisa Bosley, Chaplain

Thank you SO MUCH for what you do! You have truly been a blessing to our family. We care for my Mom at home, who has vascular dementia, and with the strict quarantine in our country (Panama, Central America), it has been really hard adjusting since she is a VERY active person. It is so hard to get her to connect with any activity for more than a little while, but she INSTANTLY connects with your program like nothing I’ve seen before. Calms right down and is at peace. Even more so than when she is in her own church, which is her favorite place in the world. Again, I can’t thank you enough. We watch your programs multiple times a day. You have been a life-saver. I am praying for you and your ministry.

Candace T.-C., Panama

I just want to say thanks to you for the moment I find your website! I am a Chinese music therapy student and I do not have much experience with this area. What you write here reminds me of elders I met before… Besides, I am preparing for graduate study in US and always hoping to become an excellent music therapist. By learning what you share here can help me to know more and get closer to elders who have religious beliefs!

Shan, China