Why I Created Spiritual ElderCare

As more and more people reach very old age, life’s road can get lonely. Long-loved friends and family members move away, die, and forget or are unable to visit. It’s not unusual for elders to wonder why they’re still here, why they haven’t been “called home,” and how to find purpose in their days. As my grandmother, then age 91, lamented, “God has forgotten me.”

But these elders are very much still alive — even if they suffer the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease. Their lives still have meaning, beauty, and purpose. Spiritual ElderCare springs from my deep love for elders, particularly those with dementia, and their still-vibrant souls.

In my experience, these dear people still want to know more about God, how to be faithful servants, and what their purpose is today. Even those who can no longer speak or seem lost to the fog of Alzheimer’s respond to loving touch, music, eye contact, and conversation about spiritual things. I see this every day.

My Background


Dad and me, 2011

My beloved father-in-law developed Alzheimer’s disease in his late 60s and passed away at age 76. My husband and I were intimately involved with his progress as my mother-in-law became his full-time caregiver. I learned a lot about dementia during this time, and I loved hanging out with him … and found I was able to help others, including my husband, learn how to cope and even to celebrate the moments of connection and joy during Dad’s decline.

After his death, I started volunteering at Balfour Cherrywood, a dedicated Alzheimer’s and memory-care community in Louisville, Colorado. Since January 2013, I’ve hosted the weekly Sunday afternoon tea, complete with vintage china, a rousing teacup2-morgan-sessions-upsplashsing-along, and homemade cookies (made by my mother-in-law).

During the hour before the tea party, I often sat with residents during the worship service, led by then-chaplain Chad Federwitz, the deeply caring activities director. I learned so much by watching Chad lead those services, which included lots of hymn singing, readings from the Bible and other sources, the occasional funny story, and an interactive homily on a theme such as community, love, peace, or wisdom. By his example, Chad taught me the incalculable value of spiritual care for these dear residents.

When Chad moved on in May 2016, I was delighted to be offered the part-time chaplain role. (See my blog, “What Does it Mean to be a Chaplain?”) It is the highlight of my week to create and lead the weekly Bible study with residents, as well as the worship service on Sunday afternoons. And yes, I still host the tea party!

Chaplain Work

As for my religious and education background: I was confirmed in the Catholic church; at age 13, I made a decision to follow Jesus. I now have more than 30 years of experience leading interdenominational Christian worship services and Bible studies.

I earned a BA from Stanford University in English/Creating Writing. In 2015, I completed healing prayer ministry training (Levels 1-4). In June 2017, I became a licensed and ordained chaplain through I.F.O.C., which has given me new insights and tools for this work.

I now lead spiritual care at three senior communities in Boulder County.

Spread the Love

Recently, it occurred to me that other chaplains, family members, and anyone else who loves elders might find these Bible studies and worship services useful in their own roles. These free, downloadable documents are easy to modify to your own setting and the level of your loved one’s or residents’ abilities and interest — and in fact I encourage you to do so.

In addition, I’ve gathered some resources — experts, websites, articles, and more — that I’ve found interesting and helpful. I’ve been a professional writer and editor for many years, so creating this site is a way for me to use my expertise to benefit elders, families, and caregivers who are so dear to me.0350_nh_cropped

Please contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, or thoughts; I’d love to make this site a community effort. I’d also be happy to arrange a phone consultation or an in-person training visit to your elder care setting.

Peace be with you,


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Kuvy Ax says:

    This is excellent!! You’re SUCH a good writer… and the site is well laid out and easy to use. Well done dear one! What a wonderful thing you’re bringing to the world ❤


  2. Margo True says:

    This site is wonderful in every way, and I’m sure will be incredibly helpful to many, both practically and spiritually. Thank you, Elisa, for adding meaning and love to the world.


  3. Lori Buechner says:

    This is wonderful, Elisa! I am deeply grateful for the resources you’ve created and compiled. My 84-yr-old Mom lives in a Memory Care facility here in Broomfield and I will utilize these so much! I would love to hear if/when your mp3 Hymns project gets completed – what a fabulous idea!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


    • elisa bosley says:

      Lori, that’s music to my ears. I’m so glad, and please let me know how it goes for you and your mom; I really want to know how to improve these resources, so let me know what you find as you use them. I am hoping and praying to get the MP3 recording done in 2018.


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