Kind Words

A few comments I’ve received …

Thank you for such great resources. I am a member of a group that goes to an Alzheimer’s memory care center every Friday to provide a Catholic prayer and communion service. Our parish is in Wind Lake, WI. We just found your website and will be using it to enhance what we are doing.  Sending wishes for many blessings for you.

Margo R, Wind Lake, WI

I came across this site last week and am SO EXCITED! We did the 1st Epistle study this morning, and the format was so user friendly, we elicited answers from residents who rarely talk, due to their dementia. It is sophisticated enough to be meaningful, but using common language to be accessible. It was wonderful. Thank you! (140 bed care centre in Canada)

Sylvia B., Recreation Supervisor, Lethbridge, Alberta

Since we are still in the beginning phases of offering dementia services we only offer them once a month. Have had a great response. We do offer life music and songs from your selection. Thank you ever so much for all the work you have put into this to make it flow easily for the rest of us.

Jodene P., Sheridan, WY

Thank you for this site!  I am a hospice chaplain. I currently lead three Bible studies at facilities that we service. I also have a pretty full schedule of people to see. That often means my prep time for my studies is lacking. I only briefly went over some of the studies that you offer but the look like a valuable resource. I will share with my fellow chaplains and definitely support you ministry.  Thank you again and God bless.

Daymon W., Dallas