Kind Words

A few comments I’ve received …

I work in long term care as the spiritual care provider. Today I was given five minutes to pull together an impromptu hymn sing. On other occasions the activation personnel has pulled up music video hymns. They have lovely scenery and hard to read fancy script for the words that seniors have trouble seeing. Most of the range is too high or hard to follow. Today I told them to pull up your music slides and singing. My seniors thanked me, saying the variety was really good and the styles of music. The songs where a good key to sing and really nice to listen to if we stopped singing. I observed as we sang and the participation and enjoyment was obvious. Thank you for the use of these resources.

Paula C.

What a blessing you are to countless people and their families, Elisa!  I just discovered your website yesterday through Teepa Snow’s staff.  My Mom has been asking for just these types of resources for a few years since her hearing, sight and cognitive decline have become more significant. …  The resources you offer would give us something to interact with together as well as for her to just listen to and be refreshed by. God bless you as you minister to those He truly loves in the midst of their unique life challenges.


I just want to say thanks to you for the moment I find your website! I am a Chinese music therapy student and I do not have much experience with this area. What you write here reminds me of elders I met before… Besides, I am preparing for graduate study in US and always hoping to become an excellent music therapist. By learning what you share here can help me to know more and get closer to elders who have religious beliefs!

Shan, China

Thank you so much for sharing this resource. I recently became a Chaplain at a VOA facility in Montrose, CO. I am ministering to both long term care, and memory care residents. And just like you were saying there are not that many resources out there on spiritual care for the elderly not to mention those with dementia. Thanks so much.

Andrew, Montrose, CO

Thank you SO MUCH for what you do! You have truly been a blessing to our family. We care for my Mom at home, who has vascular dementia, and with the strict quarantine in our country (Panama, Central America), it has been really hard adjusting since she is a VERY active person. It is so hard to get her to connect with any activity for more than a little while, but she INSTANTLY connects with your program like nothing I’ve seen before. Calms right down and is at peace. Even more so than when she is in her own church, which is her favorite place in the world. Again, I can’t thank you enough. We watch your programs multiple times a day. You have been a life-saver. I am praying for you and your ministry.

Candace T.-C., Panama

I just wanted to take the time to thank you SO very much for your non-denominational service. It is serving our residents here in Bloom at Lakewood in Lakewood, OH very well. They look forward to seeing you every week! Thank you for making our days so much brighter!

Activity director, Lakewood, OH

Thanks for a brilliant website and resources. Just what I would need in the coming years when I finish my chaplain certificate and volunteer into this type of ministry. Blessings in Christ our saviour.

Jörg, Melbourne, Australia

I just want to say thank you for creating and leading this website. I work in Assisted Living and Supportive Housing care and know it will be helpful for us in so many ways. A friend send me the link to this website yesterday and I find it just fantastic. I really like the bible studies, they are great, I especially like that they come with the questions which will make people think, but easy enough for even those with low concentration ability. I also really love the hymn playlists. We used it for sing-along yesterday and “my people” just loved it, it blessed everyone very much!! We will certainly do it again. Thank you again and may the Lord grant you success in whatever you do! I believe this website has been, is and will be a blessing for many. 

Eveline, Niverville, Manitoba Canada

I am a volunteer Engagement Specialist at Holy Cross Village. We have a lot of residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia. While we have a Catholic heritage I was considering the spiritual care of our non-Catholic residents. In addition to my role here at Holy Cross I am a Vineyard  pastor as well. So I was looking for a way to lead a non-Catholic service for residents with memory concerns. I was shocked and very pleased with all the resources found on your site! I am certain it will be very helpful moving forward in provided the spiritual care of some of our residents. 

David M., Notre Dame, IN

I love ALL of your Bible Studies! I lead a Bible Discussion at an Assisted Living Facility every Wednesday and have used a lot of your resources for that. I use them every week! Thank you so much for putting them together! I’d be interested in any new Bible study resources that you put together. The residents really love them and they are easy to lead and follow. I greatly appreciate you and am so happy I was able to find this resource. Blessings on you and all you do.

Kelly R., Weatherford, OK

I have consulted (and used) your online resources for my weekly work with seniors at our city-owned Long Term Care Facility. I love using the excellent bible studies, which you’ve made both accessible and adaptable. Thank you so much for your generous ministry; it has enhanced my Chaplaincy immensely! Blessings be with you.

Rev. Andreas Theil

I used one of your resources this week for Bible Study at a local nursing home. The resource you provided was wonderful!  We had good engagement by the group. I am grateful to you for providing these resources. They made ministering to this group easy and fun.

Lynda W., Chicago