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Why — and How — to Lead a Memory-Care Worship Service

SEC Worship Services: FAQ and Best Practices

Nondenominational Worship Service: Items You May Want to Use

Links below are simply to give you an idea of what I’m talking about; I am not endorsing any particular brand or product.

  • Raised bedside table to serve as an “altar”
  • Colored cloth (to cover the table) that corresponds to a liturgical calendar; typically, that means green for Ordinary Time, white or purple for Christmas, purple or red for Lent, and so on
  • Freestanding, unbreakable cross (i.e., metal or wood)
  • Traditional-looking Bible
  • Electric candles (any size)
  • Bluetooth speaker to amplify the hymn recordings (I have the recordings on my iPhone)
  • Copies of lyrics to create a songbook for whatever hymns you choose (stay tuned for a ready-to-use songbook based on my suggested hymn lineup)
  • Small singing bowl for end of service (closing blessing)

Advent and Christmas

Church celebrations for elders with dementia and Alzheimer’s, from the first Sunday of Advent through Christmas Eve and Epiphany.


Church services related to federal and common holidays, such as Mother’s and Father’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4, and Labor Day.

Lent and Easter

Services from Ash Wednesday through Easter and Pentecost, designed for elders with Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Numerous nondenominational services on biblical themes such as loyalty, friendship, wisdom, faith, and family.

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Abide Updated!

Advent 1: Hope

Advent 2: Love

Advent 3: Joy

Advent 4: Peace

Advent: Christmas Eve Updated!

Advent 5: New Year’s Eve

Advent: Epiphany (Gifts)

All Saints Day

Ash Wednesday Updated!

Ash Wednesday Preparation (if not celebrating on Wednesday) New!

Baptism/Water Updated!

Beauty Updated!

Blessing Updated!

Community Updated!

Compassion (Mother Teresa’s birthday, Aug. 27) Updated!

Courage Updated!

Discovery (Columbus Day / Indigenous People’s Day)

Easter Updated!

Father’s Day



Friendship Updated!


Golden Rule

Good Friday Updated!

Gratitude (Thanksgiving)

Honor (Veterans’ Day)


Hospitality New!

July 4 (Independence Day)

Justice (Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday) Updated!

Lent 1: Repentance and Forgiveness Updated!

Lent 2: Humility Updated!

Lent 3: Charity Updated!

Lent 4: Prayer Updated!

Lent 5: Grace New!

Love (Valentine’s Day) New!

Loyalty (Chinese New Year 2018)

Memorial Day Updated!


Mother’s Day Updated!

Palm Sunday Updated!

Pentecost Updated!

Service (Christ the King Sunday)



Transformation (Transfiguration Sunday)

Treasure (Chinese New Year 2019) New!



Work (Labor Day)