Hymns and Services on YouTube

On the the Spiritual Eldercare YouTube channel, you can stream easy-to-use videos created especially for elders with dementia. For commercial uses, please read about my partnership with CoroHealth and contact CoroHealth directly.

My YouTube channel includes:

  • More than a year’s worth of weekly, full-length, nondenominational worship services on a variety of themes and for specific holidays. Each service contains familiar prayers, hymns, an interactive homily, stories, poems, and more. I continue to create and upload videos, so subscribe to the channel to be notified of new postings.

If you find these resources helpful, please subscribe to the channel — this helps other people find them.

7 thoughts on “Hymns and Services on YouTube

  1. Kelvin John Hasseler says:


    I’m interested in becoming a Chaplin, I have a Bachelors in biblical studies do you recommend a accreditation type ?


    • Elisa Bosley says:

      Thanks Kevin! I responded to you by email, but in case anyone else wants to know: After doing research and getting recommendations, took the in-person chaplain training course through International Fellowship of Chaplains (https://ifoc.org/). They now offer their training and certification online!


  2. Dr. Daryl Busby says:

    check out the chaplaincy progam at ACTS SEminaries just outside of Vancouver BC. Accredited, online and long standing….Great teachers


  3. Deborah Jean Ebert says:

    This is great to find Chaplain Elisa! We, too, are I.F.O.C. certified serving as the spiritual resource at our local nursing home. We are unpaid volunteers, but have actually gone through the hiring process there so as to be allowed to come into the facility during the Covid shutdowns.
    Thank you for your heart for the forgotten ones!
    Lloyd and Debbie Ebert


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