Commercial Use: Partnership with CoroHealth

I’m excited to announce my new partnership with CoroHealth!

With this partnership, while all of my Spiritual Eldercare content remains freely available for private use, CoroHealth becomes the exclusive commercial distributor of my video content.

If you’re a caregiving business (such as a long-term care community or hospital) that’s seeking vetted, respectful, faith-based content to serve your clients, including elders living with dementia, I encourage you to contact Coro Health at or They offer ad-free subscriptions to FaithFirst, a content module that serves numerous faith traditions.

Here’s a description of FaithFirst:

“FaithFirst is a philosophy of utilizing ‘faith or spirituality first’ before (or in lieu of) more traditional forms of intervention. We believe that individuals and their caregivers should have access to more holistic interventions that are clinically proven, easily administered and immediately measurable. FaithFirst is the only therapeutic multifaith streaming service in the healthcare industry, delivering faith and spiritual programs to over 1M people a day in over 5,000 locations.”

I’m proud to provide CoroHealth’s content for Christians, including my video church services, hymn sing-alongs, and Bible studies. And I’m excited that this distribution partnership further enables me to develop new content.

Questions? Let me know in the comments below. To contact CoroHealth, please email