Hymns for Alzheimer’s: Free Downloads!

I am so excited to offer these hymn downloads for free! Thank you to all my financial backers and amazing musicians for making this possible. (Read this FAQ for background on this project.)

A reminder: These professionally recorded hymns are not typical performance tracks. They are specifically arranged as sing-alongs for elders with Alzheimer’s and dementia; that is, very simple, slower, shorter, and in a lower key than usual. (But of course anyone may enjoy them.)

To download all 58 songs at once, click here. (It’s a large file, about 215MB, so be patient.)

Click here for a PDF file of all the song lyrics.

To download a single song file, click on the song name below. Then click on the vertical three-dot icon on the right, and choose “Download.” (Get more info on MP3 files below the song list.) If you have trouble with the downloads, read this troubleshooting guide.

More info

This list contains all 58 hymns completed in Phase 1 of this project. Phase 2, scheduled for early 2019, will include a few fixes and remaining hymns, a gospels and spirituals set, and a Christmas set. Sign up (button in upper right corner of this page) to get notified when I post new stuff!

Here’s a good, simple article about how MP3 files work. As the article says, “MP3 is simply a file format that compresses a song into a smaller size so it is easier to move around and store on your home computer or portable music player,” such as an iPhone or iPod.

How to use these recordings

With this collection of 58 hymns, you can:

  • Create a personalized playlist for your elder with the songs he or she loves.
  • Offer a hymn sing-along session at your eldercare community.
  • Provide an hour-long worship service at your eldercare residence, complete with ready-made worship agendas and songs. (If you’re not sure which songs to choose for a church service, don’t worry: I’ll be creating ready-to-use hymnals very soon.)
  • Use the songs as calming background music for someone who is agitated, resting, or nearing the end of life.
  • Enjoy them yourself anytime!

If I’m missing one of your favorite hymns, please let me know in the comments below.

Peace be with you,


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash




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