Common prayers, Bible verses, and more

I love getting requests from people who know the value and importance of spiritual care for elders but may not feel particularly comfortable with how to do it. As Bronwyn, a new friend in Australia, told me, “church is not my first language.”

So for Bronwyn and others like her, I offer these “cheat sheets” that you can use to bless elders in your care. Find more resources here.

Prayers to bless elders

These include religious prayers (e.g, Our Father), prayers appropriate for any faith tradition (e.g., Serenity Prayer), and “impromptu” prayers for protection, healing, and blessing.

Bible verses to bless elders

Read from among these well-known scriptures to offer comfort and assurance to elders.

Spiritual Care Assessment

Use these questions and ideas over time to form a picture of an elder’s “spiritual landscape.”

Communion: Why and How to offer communion to elders with dementia

If your community’s regular minister isn’t available or able to visit the building, you can offer the sacrament of Communion (The Lord’s Supper) to elders in your care. This document explains why and how and provides a script.

If you have other needs or ideas for resources I could create, please let me know!

Photo by James Coleman on Unsplash

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