I know the journey with dementia isn’t easy, but you’re not alone. Please fill out the form below to:

  • Send me a note, question, or suggestion.
  • Schedule a consultation (Zoom or Skype). During this time, I’d be honored to answer any questions, brainstorm solutions specific to your situation, and/or pray for you. If you work at an eldercare facility, I can guide you in setting up a spiritual care program.
    • Consultation for private individuals = no cost.
    • Consultation for care facilities:
      • 30 minutes = $30.
      • 60 minutes = $60.

I respond personally to every email, usually within 24 hours.

Peace be with you,0350_nh_cropped


Elisa Bosley, Chaplain | Boulder, CO

12 thoughts on “Contact

    • Bill Goodrich says:

      Hi Elisa
      I have had a number of the activity professionals whom I know in my community asking if I would make sermons for the residence of their homes during this virus season. I’m wondering if you would mind that I intersperse my messages with your songs. They would be posted on YouTube and perhaps of Vimeo. I would give credit at the end of the videos.


      • Elisa Bosley says:

        Hi Bill! Absolutely, you can use the hymns — my YouTube videos (with lyrics) are easy to intersperse with other material if you like. Bless you for your good work! UPDATE: I now have several full-length worship services on the Spiritual Eldercare YouTube channel:


  1. Dan Ward says:

    Thank you Elisa for your caring for this often overlooked portion of society. As a volunteer chaplain providing worship to a memory care residence I understand how difficult, yet rewarding, this ministry can be.


  2. Dee David says:

    I was 64, when the Holy Spirit tapped me to go back to school and pursue a longing in my heart and spirit.I am a student at DBU pursuing the Chaplaincy program. I first took two years, to earn a Masters degree in Christian Ministry. I have been accepted into their Chapaincy program, and it is awesome. I found your site and I am so glad that I did. Even though, I have great professors, at school, I have still longed for a mentor. I am not sure what direction, God is wanting me to take, at this time, but I have prayerfully committed it to the Lord.
    Thank you!


    • Elisa Bosley says:

      Dee, how wonderful for you! Congratulations on pursuing the chaplaincy. I am sure that God will lead you in exactly the right way to be a blessing to others and to increase your joy. Keep me posted!


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