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Here are a few things I’ve written that you might find helpful.

How to Lead a Bible Study for Elders with Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias

Why–and How–to Lead a Nondenominational Worship Service for Elders with Dementia

Memory Care Church Service: FAQ and Best Practices (PDF)

Spiritual Care Assessment (PDF)

5 Benefits of Spiritual Care for Elders with Dementia (PDF, 2 pages)

5 Benefits of Spiritual Care for Elders with Dementia (PDF, 4 pages)

Can Dementia Cause Permanent Anger and Aggression? Read what three experts say, and get tips on how to handle anger in someone with dementia.

Please Don’t Say that Your Grandma with Alzheimer’s is “Gone.” Learn why entering your loved one’s reality will bless them–and you–in this difficult journey.

How to Help a Person with Alzheimer’s Feel Useful. Getting people with dementia engaged with meaningful tasks builds purpose and dignity into the day.