Kind Words

A few comments I’ve received …

“I have been using the music! So perfect! It’s so accessible!”

Carrie, Activities Director, Westminster, CO

“Your collection of resources is exceptional. . . Actually, I collect these kind of materials and for some time have had a great longing to record hymns in the simple fashion likewise to what you have already done… Thank you for checking that “to-do” off my list for me!”

Carter, Bozeman, MT

“Since my mother-in-law entered memory care a couple of years ago, my wife and I started leading a weekly worship service at her home. We have a mix of memory care and assisted living residents that attend. God has taught us so much through this experience. It’s unfortunate that I did not find your very helpful website until I read the recent article in World Magazine and googled your name. Music is such an important part of worship and the helpful hymn downloads will be put to good use. I am always searching for Scripture passages that touch the hearts of those in this special life situation. The suggested worship services will be helpful also. Thanks for your service and love for all of God’s children.”

Richard, St. Louis, MO

“I [am] so impressed with the things you have. Keep up the good work.”

Steve, Pima County, AZ

“Thank you for the music; I’ve downloaded it all. It is a welcome addition to our repertoire!! Your additions, heart, creativity, and generous contributions are cause for much thanksgiving and praise here.”

Tom, Ontario, Canada

“I found your website this morning as I was preparing for a weekly meeting that my husband and I lead at a small retirement home. I could not be more thrilled! … As I scroll through this website and your resources, I feel God’s encouragement landing right where it is needed; in my own rough and rebellious heart and mind. So, thank you!”

Terri, Walnut Creek, CA

“I just discovered your website and absolutely love it. THANK YOU.”

Kelli, Pastoral Care Associate, New Hope, MN

“Thank you Elisa.  You’ve given me many great ideas with which to work! I was exploring your site this morning, and will start using your recordings immediately.  My little group is all way off key, and I’ve wished often that I played a musical instrument; the recordings are a godsend!!”

Mary, volunteer

“Your resources are amazing.  I am looking forward to reviewing them and using them.  I love the fact that you have music available too. Thank you for putting this together.”

Mary, Director of Pastoral Care, Huntley, IL