NEW: Dementia-friendly Lent Devotions and Activities

After the enthusiastic response to my dementia-friendly Advent Devotions and Activities booklet, I decided to create something similar for Lent, which begins next week on Ash Wednesday. So here it is!

Download the free, dementia-friendly Lent: Bible Devotions and Activities PDF here.

In this packet, I’ve created short devotions that follow the same themes as my Lenten church services:

  • Lent week 1: repentance
  • Lent week 2: humility
  • Lent week 3: charity
  • Lent week 4: grace
  • Palm Sunday

Each week’s discussion-based Bible devotion also includes special prayers (courtesy of the wonderful site, a couple of hymns, and a dementia-friendly activity.

I hope this material helps you serve elders in your care during Lent’s season of preparation.

Peace be with you,

P.S. If you’re looking for an Ash Wednesday video or written service, those are here.

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