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Download free Bible study guides to help you lead enjoyable, encouraging scripture discussions for people with dementia.

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How to Lead a Bible Study for Elders with Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias

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How to use these Bible study guides

Advent and Christmas

Use these original Bible discussion guides during each week of the advent and Christmas season.

Epistles (New Testament letters)

Delve into passages with biblical truths for elders with dementia, including Alzheimer’s.


Original, easy Bible discussion questions for elders, based on the events and teachings of Jesus’ life.

Parables of Jesus

Engage elders, even those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, by looking at Jesus’ wonderfully accessible stories.


Question-based guides to lead discussions on various Psalms for elders, especially those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

The Ten Commandments

Take a new look at the Ten Commandments as a love letter from God. Includes discussion questions suitable for those with dementia.

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*Updated or new

1 Corinthians 13: Love*

1 Thess. 5: How to Treat Each Other*

Colossians 3: Holy Living*

Ephesians 2: Grace is a Gift*

Ephesians 3: Strength to Grasp God’s love*

Exodus 20.3: Have no other gods*

Exodus 20.4: Make no graven image*

Exodus 20.7: Do not take the Lord’s name in vain*

Exodus 20.8: Keep the Sabbath*

Exodus 20.12: Honor your father and mother*

Exodus 20.13: Do not murder*

Exodus 20.14: Do not commit adultery*

Exodus 20.15: Do not steal*

Exodus 20.16: Do not lie*

Exodus 20.17: Do not covet*

Hebrews 6: Steadfast Anchor*

Hebrews 11: Faith*

John 2: Wedding at Cana*

John 3: Born Again*

John 8: Woman Caught in Adultery*

John 11: I am the Resurrection*

Luke 1: Mary’s Magnificat*

Luke1: Zechariah’s Blessing*

Luke 2: Glory to God in the Highest*

Luke 2: Song of Simeon*

Luke 10: The Good Samaritan*

Luke 15: The Lost Sheep*