4 thoughts on “Epistles (New Testament letters)

  1. Jayne Feathers says:

    I’m thrilled to find your site. Is there any “activity”, such as coloring or making something simple that you might suggest with each study? Our Program Assistant’s could create something, but I’m curious for your input.

    This would be something we would do at another time in the day at our Adult Day Service, for it is nice for breaks.


    • elisa bosley says:

      Jayne, thank you! I just looked up Joyful Journeys and love your mission and approach. Unfortunately, at this point I don’t have any activities for these studies, but it’s definitely on my long-term list to create some. FYI: All of my resources are undergoing slight revisions; I’ll soon be adding more Bible study guides and re-uploading all of the worship services. I’m also hoping that by the end of the summer I’ll have the hymn singalong recordings done (see the Blog page), so that could be another fun activity for your Friends. Blessings on your work, and please send me any more suggestions for additions you’d like.


  2. Mary Alberda says:

    Thank you for putting these together. My husband and I volunteered to teach a bible study at an Assisted Living near our church, and I use your lessons almost exclusively! The ladies who come love them, and we’ve all learned a lot.
    Again, thank you!
    Mary and Tim


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