6 thoughts on “Psalms

  1. Alice Redding says:

    My husband is in a memory care unit. He went into the facility on August 1st. The Memory Care Director asked me if I knew someone who would do a regular devotional with the residents. I have decided to volunteer to try to lead this once a week. Your resources will be invaluable. I agree with your approach to how to respond to individual residents and to be inclusive. You are a blessing! Thank you!


    • Elisa Bosley says:

      Alice, bless you for taking this leap of faith! I trust that you’ll receive even more blessings than you give. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback on the resources — I’m currently updating all of them to be even simpler and more accessible, while still very interactive. Have fun!


    • Paul says:

      After sitting in church for 30 years, I decided I wanted to be involved in ministry. I responded to a request on FaceBook Oct 2021 , that a local care home was in need of someone to bring in ministry. I responded – So did they 🙂 The search was on – How do I do it ? The first site I came across was yours. It has given me all the resources I need to confidentially share the word of God – I have not looked back – I visit Thursday evenings at 6PM – With so much more you offer – I have used the sermons and Psalms – I look forward to being a supporter of your work in the near future – Prayers and Blessings


      • Elisa Bosley says:

        Paul, this note made my heart sing on many levels! First, good for you for heeding the nudge to get involved in ministry. Second, thank you for choosing care for elders. It’s such an overlooked ministry field, in my opinion, and so full of blessings for both the minister and the participants. I’m delighted you found the site and am so glad you’re finding it helpful. Please keep in touch — I’d be happy to answer any questions or future needs, and I love to hear stories 🙂


  2. Dennet says:

    I work part time at an assisted living facility. I do devotions with them on the days I work. The other activities assistants use a different source for devotions that seem to be only a quick story. I am looking forward to downloading and printing some of these studies to keep in a binder for my use. The devotions they use are fine but I believe the residents need a little more. Not all of them have dementia or Alzheimer’s so these studies seem to be an in between. Thank you!


    • Elisa Bosley says:

      That’s wonderful to hear! In my opinion and experience, an interactive, engaging format works really well and is much more interesting for the residents. Feel free to skip sections or whatever works to make the timing and discussion right for your group. I’d love to hear how it goes! Thanks for doing this important work.


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