Dementia-friendly worship service: gratitude

As we approach Thanksgiving, it seemed appropriate to focus this week's nondenominational worship service on gratitude. In my experience, elders enjoy thinking about the things they're grateful for, so I hope this service gives you a context to count blessings. Watch the 48-minute video church service on gratitude here. I'm grateful for you and your … Continue reading Dementia-friendly worship service: gratitude

Dementia-friendly worship service: Honor

This week, November 11, we'll celebrate Veterans Day, also called Remembrance Day in the U.K, Australia, and other countries. So this week's nondenominational church service focuses on the idea of honor. This video is suitable for older adults with Alzheimer's and other dementias, and it includes a lot of wonderful hymns and interactive reflections. It's … Continue reading Dementia-friendly worship service: Honor

Dementia-friendly worship service: Generosity

I love thinking about God's abundant, extravagant generosity -- and that's the theme of this week's nondenominational video church service, suitable for older adults with Alzheimer's and other dementias. As usual, the service offers opportunities to pause the video and have short discussions about generosity -- how it feels to give and receive generosity, and … Continue reading Dementia-friendly worship service: Generosity

Dementia-friendly worship service: Discovery

This week's the nondenominational church service for elders with dementia focuses on discovery. Not coincidentally, it coincides with the observance of Columbus Day and Columbus' arrival on the American continent in October 1492. Our nation seems to be undergoing a long-overdue rediscovery of the true meaning of Columbus Day. In brief, as stated by the … Continue reading Dementia-friendly worship service: Discovery