Download free, dementia-friendly, interactive Bible discussion guides, nondenominational worship service agendas, and MP3s of sing-along traditional hymns and spirituals, all specifically designed for the needs of people with dementia.

Bible Studies

Lead an engaging discussion on a section of scripture with older adults with dementia. Passages include both Old and New Testament with easy-to-follow questions designed to promote participation.

Worship Services

Complete agendas for interactive, dementia-friendly, nondenominational church services that follow liturgical celebrations and familiar holidays and themes.

Hymn Downloads

Download more than 100 classic hymns and spirituals, specifically arranged for people with dementia: slower, shorter, and in a lower key. Large-print songbooks also available.

I work in long term care as the spiritual care provider. Today I was given five minutes to pull together an impromptu hymn sing. On other occasions the activation personnel has pulled up music video hymns. They have lovely scenery and hard to read fancy script for the words that seniors have trouble seeing. Most of the range is too high or hard to follow. Today I told them to pull up your music slides and singing. My seniors thanked me, saying the variety was really good and the styles of music. The songs where a good key to sing and really nice to listen to if we stopped singing. I observed as we sang and the participation and enjoyment was obvious. Thank you for the use of these resources.


Shawburn took care of our online marketing with soWhat a blessing you are to countless people and their families, Elisa!  I just discovered your website yesterday through Teepa Snow’s staff.  My Mom has been asking for just these types of resources for a few years since her hearing, sight and cognitive decline have become more significant. …  The resources you offer would give us something to interact with together as well as for her to just listen to and be refreshed by. God bless you as you minister to those He truly loves in the midst of their unique life challenges.



Spiritual Eldercare seeks to equip chaplains, volunteers, family members, and others to provide comfort, hope, and joy to seniors who are housebound and/or on the dementia journey.

Honest Use

Spiritual Eldercare resources are free of charge, provided you do not alter, sell, or generate any income from them. All I ask is that you include a credit line: “© SpiritualEldercare.com.”