Upcoming talk: Sun., Oct 22, First Pres Boulder, 10:45am

If you’re in the Boulder, CO, area, here’s a heads up: I’m giving a “Roots” (55+ Sunday School) talk this coming Sunday, October 22, 10:45am, at First Presbyterian Church. We’ll be meeting upstairs in Geneva Room 270.

My subject (no surprise) is: Spiritual Elder Care: How to Minister to People with Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias.

Because I’m a very practical person, I really want to give people tangible tools for this kind of work. I’ll cover basic principles for being a calming, spiritual presence for elders with memory issues, and then delve into specifics about what anyone can do to be a blessing. And of course I’ll share lots of stories.

As I’ve said before, I think most people who love someone with dementia really want to help and to be spiritually encouraging, but they’re just not sure how to do it, or even if it’s possible.

I would love to see anyone there who can make it! I’ll also try to record the session and post it here next week (if I can figure out how).

Are there specific questions you think I should try to answer? If so, please leave me a comment below.

Peace be with you,


Photo by Cecile Vedemil on Unsplash

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