Hymns for Alzheimer’s: patience is a virtue …

Whew. I am learning a lot about patience with this project!

When I first starting making this Hymns for Alzheimer’s dream a reality, I was sure I could complete it in just a few months — five, tops. But here we are, a full nine months after my first blog that elicited feedback for the project, and not done yet.

Because you all have been so supportive, I want to keep you completely updated, so here’s the latest.

The Next Two Months

The good news: Last night (Nov. 15), Dave and I had an excellent session with Kyle, the sound engineer at Coupe Studios, and we finalized 28 recordings (see the updated list of where all the songs stand).

We also scheduled a second editing session for Thursday, December 6, when we will finalize 30 more recordings. Then, on Dec. 13, we will “bounce” all 50+ files to final downloadable form.

After THAT, Dave will do some meta-data work to prepare to upload the files to this website, ready for free downloads to whoever wants them. I am still hoping to get those 58 songs uploaded by the end of 2018!

Plans for 2019

Turns out that people get busy during the holidays (who knew?), and studio and musicians’ schedules don’t have time for another recording session until January. I hate to wait, but I do want to do this right, so I’m trying to be patient.

My 2019 plan is to schedule:


  • A recording session for 11 more regular hymns on my wish list.
  • A gospels/spirituals recording session, with 15 songs.
  • A Christmas set, with 20 songs.

Concurrently, I’m also in the process of updating all of the resources on my website, to include:

  • A new design and logo.
  • Revised and updated worship services and Bible studies.
  • Revised and updated songbooks and song sheets to accompany the new music files.

And of course, in the midst of all this, I’m still ministering to elders at four senior care communities in Boulder County, work that deeply blesses me and reminds me why I’m doing this music project in the first place.

There are other resources I want to add to my work, such as liturgical banners and a headset (so I don’t have to shout 🙂 ), but those plans are on the back burner until I get the music done.

Thank you, thank you for your patience, support, prayers, and goodwill. And please contact me at any time with any questions, suggestions, or comments.

Peace be with you,


Cute dog photo by Fran/Pixabay

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