5 benefits of spiritual care for elders with dementia

I’ve been working on an article about why spiritual care is so helpful for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia … and it’s finally finished!

There are two versions: the first is 2 pages back-to-back, so it’s easy to print as a handout. The second is 4 pages … because I had more to say 🙂

Just click on either image to download the document.

Two-page version:

5 benefits of spiritual care for elders with Alzheimer's and dementia (shorter version)
This version is 2 pages back-to-back

Four-page version:

5 benefits of spiritual care for elders with Alzheimer's and dementia (longer version)
This version is 4 pages

I’m indebted to Dave K., a pastoral counselor/chaplain at a memory care residence in Virginia Beach. He sent me a very nice email a couple of weeks ago, which really helped me to focus the title and format:

“I was wondering of you know of an article … to help family members understand the importance of spiritual care for those who have dementia but in an outline form or easy to understand for ‘laymen.’ I have some spouses who are themselves elderly and I wanted a simplified message I could give family members to understand the value of spiritual care with their family members. It needs to be brief … and easy to understand. Something like…’Five ways those with dementia can benefit from spiritual care’ etc.”

I’ve already sent Dave these PDFs, and I hope you find them useful too. If you have more ideas and have seen other benefits, please comment below.

4 thoughts on “5 benefits of spiritual care for elders with dementia

  1. Douglas Bush says:

    Elisa, Great points and action items. Saving these. Do I see the outline for a book? I’m sure you could add real life anecdotes that illustrate these points. Like the Dignity section. Pet peeve of my parents was being spoken to by a 20-yr-old LPN as if my they were a deaf, dumb children. Some places suggest the formal use of surnames and titles (Dr.) unless invited by the resident to use their first name. You know all this. I think you could take this paper further, with amusing and inspiring examples. – Doug

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  2. Joyce Dupree says:

    I am really enjoying your bible lessons. The nursing home where I teach sunday school are really enjoying my lessons. You are doing a wonderful job. Th;anks, Joyce Dupree


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