Online Palm Sunday worship service for housebound seniors

In this difficult time of physical and social distancing because of coronavirus, spiritual care may be more important than ever, especially to vulnerable and isolated elders with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

To help encourage their (and their tired caregivers’) souls during covid-19 lockdowns, I’m continuing to upload hymn videos with lyrics to YouTube at the rate of about five a day.

In addition, I’ve just posted a full worship service video for this coming Sunday, Palm Sunday (April 5).

This Palm Sunday church service for isolated elders is suitable for seniors with Alzheimer’s and other dementias — but I’ve designed it so that any housebound elders can enjoy a classic worship service, complete with hymns, in their own room or small group residence setting.

Please subscribe to the YouTube channel, Spiritual Eldercare. Later this week, I will upload a shorter Good Friday worship service video, and an Easter worship service video to help you and/or your loved one celebrate that glorious day.

I, like many others, are praying that these days of isolation will pass soon and we can all worship again together in person — but for now, we commune in the Spirit. I hope these resources prove useful and a blessing to you.

Image by Poppy Thorpe from Pixabay

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