It’s on! Hymns for Alzheimer’s Fundraiser

At long last … I’ve finally launched the GoFundMe page for the Hymns for Alzheimer’s Project!

I started dreaming about this project months ago, so it’s a little surreal to see it starting to become reality. My first team of musicians and I recorded a preliminary set of 15 songs last week, which was a ton of fun — and also provided a better sense of what the overall budget may be for my wish list of 75 songs (not counting Christmas songs, which will be a separate project if funds permit).

From that first session, Dave (my mathematician husband and best cheerleader) extrapolated for an educated guess of $4,000 total. That sounds like a lot, but I’m content to see what happens and do as many recordings as possible with whatever support comes in.

If you have any questions at all, please refer to my FAQ page or contact me directly. And THANK YOU!

Peace be with you,


A sweet Instagram post from Bethany last December…



Featured Photo by Gerd Altman


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