Dementia-friendly church service: Memorial Day (Remembrance Day), 2022

***Addendum: This week, a pastor emailed me asking whether I had "resources in response to [the week's] tragic situations." I will be updating and posting my resources on Lament next week, but if you need them now, here is written church service agenda on lament and my YouTube video on lament.*** Memorial Day & Remembrance … Continue reading Dementia-friendly church service: Memorial Day (Remembrance Day), 2022

Dementia-friendly worship service: Honor

This week, November 11, we'll celebrate Veterans Day, also called Remembrance Day in the U.K, Australia, and other countries. So this week's nondenominational church service focuses on the idea of honor. This video is suitable for older adults with Alzheimer's and other dementias, and it includes a lot of wonderful hymns and interactive reflections. It's … Continue reading Dementia-friendly worship service: Honor