Hymns for Alzheimer’s recordings: update and samples

I am so touched by the generosity and encouragement of so many of you for the Hymns for Alzheimer’s project! After only three weeks, the GoFundMe fundraiser is more than halfway to my goal. Thank you, thank you! If you’d still like to contribute something, please know that ANY amount is helpful and deeply appreciated. Find out more details about the project.

We had our second recording session on Saturday, June 30. I now have 31 digital recordings that are ready for editing and then mixing. Our third session is scheduled for July 20, and I hope to plan a fourth (and probably a fifth) session after that, to create a total of 75 songs, as long as funds hold out 🙂

I thought you might like to hear a couple of examples of what we’re doing and how the songs sound. Keep in mind that these are the basic files, without any final editing and mixing, but they’ll give you a sense of the simplicity of the arrangements, which is ideal as sing-alongs for elders with Alzheimer’s. The recordings feature Charlotte Sass, Dave Arns, Bethany Donnalley, and myself on vocals, Kyle Smith of Coupe Studios on the controls, and the wonderful Richard Capp on piano.

Jesus Loves Me:

I Surrender All:


Please send me any questions; I’d love to get your feedback.

Peace be with you,


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