Hymns for Alzheimer’s: Session 3 done!

Woo hoo! We had a great recording session on July 20 and now have 50 songs recorded. My next task is to go through them one by one to listen for edits (I’m going to ask some musical experts for help with this — I figure more ears are better than two). After that I’ll plan our next recording session for sometime in September.

I don’t have words to describe how grateful I am to see this project actually taking shape. I can hardly wait for the entire cache to be ready for final mixing and release.

Financially, I’m close! (A few donations came to me directly, which aren’t reflected in the GoFundMe total.) Please continue to share this as widely as you like; even more than donations, I want people to know that these free singalong downloads are coming soon.

Blessings and eternal thanks,

PS – I forgot to take photos from our last session, except for this one of Richard (cropped to protect his privacy) tuning the studio piano, which he has done before every single session. Again, my words can’t do justice to his amazing piano skills and enthusiasm for this project.

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