Special gospel music concert!

Well, do I have a treat for you 😇

Now on the Spiritual Eldercare YouTube channel: A special gospel mini-concert by American gospel artist Joselin St. Aimee, made specifically for YOU!

This 17-minute concert is a labor of love from Ms. St. Aimee, who currently resides in Venice, Italy, and contacted me to ask if I’d like her to create a concert just for my audience. I encourage you to enjoy this rousing, professionally made gospel concert video with your elder residents or family members (including those with dementia).

“I came across the Spiritual Eldercare website just by accident and loved the ministry,” Joselin says. “I have been singing to the elderly since I was 12 years old, and the passion for this service has continued throughout my adult life.  Bringing the good news of the gospel through music for Jesus Christ is very important to me because it brings comfort and joy.  Senior citizens are living treasures and need to be reminded of their importance.”

Of course I previewed the concert video and let me just say: WOW. Trust me, you will love it! Songs include:

  • This Little Light of Mine
  • Jesus Loves Me
  • My Life is in Your Hands
  • Amazing Grace

Watch Joselin’s gospel concert video here.

Schedule a virtual concert for your residents

Activity directors and caregivers: I know most care residences have not been able to allow entertainers into their building since March. If you’re looking for an uplifting activity during ongoing COVID-19 restrictions (or anytime!), Joselin and her band are available for donation-based virtual concerts. You can contact her directly at joselinsings@gmail.com

I’m profoundly grateful to Joselin and her bandmates for using her gifts to tangibly care for and lift the spirits of elders during this difficult time.

Special thanks to all of the musicians:

  • Joselin St. Aimee (Instagram: joselinsings)
  • Keyboard: Marco Nordio (Instagram: marco_nordio98)
  • Drums: Nicola D’Amico (Instagram: nicoladamicodrummer)
  • Bass: Maurizio Maddaluno

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