How hymns and spiritual music help people with dementia and caregivers: Rodger That podcast

A second podcast interview featuring Spiritual Eldercare came out last week!* This one is on Rodger That, a weekly podcast “dedicated to guiding [caregivers] through the heavy haze of dementia.”

Listen to my 33-minute Rodger That interview here.

Rodger That is hosted by Bobbi Carducci, a certified caregiving consultant and speaker on caregiving issues, and her husband, Mike, a certified caregiver advocate and certified music therapist. Bobbi was a full-time caregiver for her father-in-law with dementia, a journey she calls “the gift I never knew I wanted.”

I really enjoyed talking with Bobbi and Mike about the importance of spiritual care, and particularly the positive, calming, and engaging effect of music, for those with dementia — as well as their care partners. As Bobbi says, “When we [caregivers] turn to faith and spirituality, we get filled back up again and can go back and do it another day.”

My thanks to Bobbi and Mike for including me on their podcast. Please listen and share if you like.

Peace be with you,

*ICYMI, last week I posted about my interview on the Dementia Dialogue podcast.

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