Webinar! Why and how to provide spiritual care to elders with dementia

Back in the days before covid-19, my friend and former colleague Chad Federwitz and I were scheduled to present a talk at the American Society on Aging‘s annual conference. When the live event got scuttled, the organizers asked us if we’d like to present as a webinar instead. Of course we said yes!

First came a blog that I wrote for the ASA site, which they posted a few days before the event: Five Benefits of Spiritual Care for Older Adults with Dementia.

Then, on August 5, Chad and I gave our presentation virtually — actually reaching more people than probably would have come to the live presentation. (This also involved posting a blog before the webinar to drum up interest.

Now, the ASA has made the webinar available for anyone to view. It’s aimed at activity directors, volunteers, or others who want to provide spiritual care to the residents where they work. The tips are very practical and specific.

To watch the hour-long webcast, click on this link and register. (Don’t worry: Registering directly in GoToWebcast does not add you to the ASA email list.) Then you’ll be taken to the webcast page; hit the triangle “play” button in the upper left, and make sure your volume is turned up. My part–the “how”–starts at 11:35.

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

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