Dementia-friendly worship service: unity

As people of God, we have a high calling to unity based on love (not agreement). In the words of one of my pastors this week, “more than ever, we need the mind and heart of Christ.”

So unity is the theme for this week’s nondenominational church service on YouTube. Like all my church videos, it’s suitable for elders with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

I hope this 47-minute video church service is an encouragement and blessing to you and the elders you serve. It includes sing-along hymns, scripture readings, an interactive homily with questions to consider in your group or one-on-one, and “Human Family,” one of my favorite poems by the great Maya Angelou.

Watch the dementia-friendly worship service video on YouTube.

P.S. Earlier this week I enjoyed this New York Times article, “Having Dementia Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Vote.” I love reminders that we respect and honor elders by helping them participate in all facets of life at the highest level of their ability.

Photo by Wylly Suhendra on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Dementia-friendly worship service: unity

  1. Jayne Love says:


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