NEW dementia-friendly church video: Love (Valentine’s Day)

I’m being a little sneaky with this week’s nondenominational worship service video on love. Because Valentine’s Day is coming up, I know many eldercare residences will be decorated to the hilt with hearts and flowers galore 💐 ❤️ That’s all well and good, but what’s really good is God’s incredible, passionate love for us — so that’s what I celebrate in this video 😇

As always, this service is suitable to older adults with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Watch the 42-minute worship service video on love here.

One note: I encourage you to have simple, blank name tags available for the viewers. I use them during the homily as a simple activity for listeners to embrace the beautiful names that God gives his people, such as The Lord’s Delight.

I’m greatly indebted to my friend Laurie, who gave a sermon on this topic a few weeks ago; I’ve borrowed heavily from her wonderful thoughts and hope I’ve done them justice for this audience.

If you’d like to provide this service yourself (rather than watch the video), you can download the agenda (PDF) here.

Peace and love be with you,

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