Bible Study Activity Video: Even to Old Age and Gray Hairs (Psalm 71)

This week’s Bible study activity video is on Psalm 71, a beautiful reflection written by King David in his later years. It’s a comforting message that God is with us throughout our entire lives.

Watch the 17-minute Bible study activity video on God’s presence with us when we’re old.

As a reminder, here’s the announcement of this new video activity series, plus suggestions for how to use these videos:

  • Each Bible study activity video is only 15-20 minutes long but is meant as a base for a 30-40 minute discussion.
  • If appropriate for your group, print out the passage from my Bible study guide and pass them out for elders to follow along. Each of my PDFs, such as this one for Psalm 71, includes the passage in large print on the last page. (However, keep in mind that most of the PDF agendas are much longer than the videos, including this one.)
  • Be sure to pause the video at suggested moments and get your elders engaged in answering questions and thinking out loud. Take as long as you like: the more engagement, the better.

Peace be with you,

Image by Ellen26 from Pixabay

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