Christmas Eve Candlelight Service for Seniors (Dementia-friendly)

Bonus! Here’s a special Christmas Eve candlelight service, suitable for older adults with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

I’m posting this two weeks before Christmas Eve to give you time to purchase battery-powered, no-glass, handheld candles. (I like the look of Safe Flame candles, for example, sold singly or in a pack on Amazon.) Have one candle for each resident. You may have to help your elders to find and turn on the switch, but the beauty of the lights will be worth it 🕯

Many people will have memories of attending a candlelight Christmas Eve service at their church. In my experience, this shorter-than-usual service is a beautiful way to access those memories and usher in Christmas Day.

Watch the 37-minute Christmas Eve candlelight service here.

Here’s the written agenda for Christmas Eve.

Peace be with you, and have a blessed Christmas!

Photo by Tim Umphreys on Unsplash

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