Spiritual Care Webinar with Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Association on April 20

I’m honored to be presenting at a virtual education event hosted by the Wisconsin chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association on Thursday, April 20, at 12:30 pm MST.

The webinar is entitled “Healthy Brain & Body, Healthy Soul.” I’ll be speaking to the soul part 😇

My part starts at 12:30 Mountain Time. I’m allotted 1.5 hours, but I won’t talk for that long … I plan to make it as interactive as possible and to leave a lot of time for Q&A.

My Topic: Why and How to Offer Spiritual Care During Dementia

When: Thursday, April 20

Time: 1:30 pm Central / 12:30 Mountain / 11:30 am Pacific

Free registration here.

If you’re a care partner or family member of someone living with dementia, LTC staff member or activity professional, spiritual leader in your community, or simply want to hear about this important aspect of dementia care: Please join us!

And please pray for no technical difficulties 🤓

Peace be with you,

9 thoughts on “Spiritual Care Webinar with Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Association on April 20

  1. Dawn Hanna says:

    Hello Elisa,

    Thanks for letting us know about this! I would love to hear you “live” and (almost) in-person!

    However, I am not sure that I can attend, due to my work schedule.

    So… I was wondering if it will be recorded for those who register, but can’t attend “live”, so that they could view later.

    I think I will register now, and see how things work out.

    Also, your hymn sing-along playlists have been more than wonderful and valuable for after-dinner engagement for our memory household residents!!
    I am so glad I discovered you, and I can’t thank you enough for all of the hard work and time you have devoted to creating everything!!
    You are AWESOME!!

    Have a GREAT day!!

    Dawn Hanna
    Homestead Village, Lancaster PA
    Supportive Services (Personal Care) Life Enrichment
    717-397-4831, ext. 3505


  2. healthyholmes@bell.net says:


    I live in Canada, and I couldn’t set up an account to register but I am interested in this Webinar. The drop downs do not allow for Canadians to join.




  3. chapglenn says:

    Thanks for your emails. I spent almost 35 yrs as Retirement Home Director of Christian Ministries and Lead Chaplain. Prior to that in Community Chaplin Ministry. Still have interest in Older Adult Ministry, though retired in 2014. Now doing Grandparenting Ministry with Christian Grandparenting Network and Legacy Coalition. Will this seminar you are doing be accessed online? If not, would your notes be available? I forward your materials to the p/t resident pastor/chaplains that served under me. Glenn Havumaki Author, Trashed or Treasured? A Short, Practical Theology on Aging Xulon Publishing or Amazon…also Kindle

    Sent from my iPad On the Victory Side,

    Dr. Glenn B. Havumaki



    • Elisa Bosley says:

      Wow, Dr. Havumaki, 35 years! What an amazing life of service. Yes, I’ve asked the organizer to record the session; I’ll post a link once it’s available. Thank you for forwarding my stuff to your successor, and bless you for your faithful work.


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