Alzheimer’s Association webinar on spiritual care

As I mentioned here a few weeks ago , I was invited to give a presentation to the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Association on April 20.

My topic: Why and How to Provide Spiritual Care During Dementia. I’m honored to have been featured, and I’m happy to say that it was recorded!

If you registered but were unable to attend that day, click here for the webinar recording. Enter passcode: XxV*iX2$

If you didn’t register but would still like to view the recording, please email Sharlene Bellefeuille, WI Alzheimer’s Association Community Outreach Coordinator, at and ask for access.

 What’s covered in this webinar

The webinar begins with helpful tips on brain health from Jim Adams, an Alzheimer’s Association volunteer educator.

My presentation starts at about 26:00, where I give the background of why spiritual care matters for people with dementia (and their care partners). My practical “how to” section starts at about 55:00.

I’d love your feedback! I already have ideas for what I would change ☺️

Peace be with you,

Edited photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

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