Nondenominational worship service: Lament

Along with the rest of the world, my heart has been heavy this week. One response: This week’s online church service is on the theme of lament.

It’s important to keep in mind that this 48-minute service is designed specifically for elders with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. I do not detail specific news events, which would have little meaning to them and could cause a spiral into depression. My intent is to look honestly at a universal reality — sorrow and grief — and give these elders (and others) a way to respond to that reality with hope.

Believe me, older adults, including those with dementia, are all too familiar with grief! They get it; they live it. So my prayer is that they, and you, will be served and blessed by the reminder that God is with us in our lament, and that God can and does turn mourning into joy.

As usual, this service, now on the Spiritual Eldercare YouTube Channel, includes familiar elements:

  • Lots of songs (notice how many classic hymns and spirituals deal with brokenness and pain!)
  • Scripture readings (ditto)
  • Quotes and stories about lament
  • An interactive homily: How should we as people of faith deal with lament? (Spoiler: Feel it, be honest with God about it, choose to trust and hope in God through it.)

Image by Karen Smits from Pixabay

4 thoughts on “Nondenominational worship service: Lament

  1. says:

    Dear Elisa,

    Thank you, thankyou for sharing your services and hard, might I add, so freely and for free!! We used the youtube hymns in a sing-a-long yesterday at our Manor and it was such a blessed time of worship.

    Darlene Dueck Chaplain


  2. says:

    Hello Elisa,

    We are enjoying your hymn book! Thank you very much.

    I seem to remember you asking for suggestions of other favorite hymns you might consider adding. Here are some our seniors enjoy as well:

    A Shelter in a Time of Storm A Wonderful Saviour is Jesus My Lord All the Way My Saviour Leads Me At Calvary At the Cross He Leadeth Me How Deep the Father’s Love I know Whom I have believed I Must Tell Jesus I Stand Amazed in the Presence I will sing the wondrous story Marvelous Grace of our Loving Lord More About Jesus More Love to Thee Never Alone Praise Him, Praise Him Sing the Wondrous Love of Jesus Tell It to Jesus Tell me the old, old story The Love of God There is a name I love to Hear What a day that will be When the Roll is called up yonder Wonderful Words of Life

    Wow! That ended up a long list! Maybe it’s volume two! 😉 Anyway, I leave these with you as you feel lead to use them.



  3. Elisa Bosley says:

    Darlene, what a great list! Yes, I’m keeping a document of songs for “next time” — although I don’t know how soon that will be. Thank you for adding these and for using music to bless your elders.
    P.S. “Tell Me the Old Old Story” is very similar to “I Love to Tell the Story”; and in my recordings, “There is a Name I Love to Hear” is called “Oh How I Love Jesus” 🙂


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