Dementia-friendly worship service: Discovery

This week’s the nondenominational church service for elders with dementia focuses on discovery. Not coincidentally, it coincides with the observance of Columbus Day and Columbus’ arrival on the American continent in October 1492.

Our nation seems to be undergoing a long-overdue rediscovery of the true meaning of Columbus Day. In brief, as stated by the National Council of Churches way back in 1992, “what represented newness of freedom for some [the colonizers] was the occasion of oppression for others [the colonized].”

I know that the elders I work with grew up (as I did) with Columbus Day as a holiday, so I see this as an opportunity to talk about it in a new way.

Discovery relates to faith, too. God is always revealing more to us — more about himself, more about ourselves, more about our place in this troubled world. So as people of faith, our sense of discovery is and should be ongoing!

Please enjoy this week’s 47-minute worship service, suitable as always for elders with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Watch the video church service on “discovery here.

Image by BrickRedBard from Pixabay

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