Dementia-friendly worship service: Blessing

It might sound naive or Pollyanna-ish to say “count your blessings” when so many days seem bleak. But I do believe in the power of blessing — to focus our minds and hearts on what is good so that God can renew our hope, strength, and determination during the not-so-good.

So this week’s nondenominational worship service for elders, especially those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, is on blessing. I love conducting this service in person because in my experience, seniors love to talk about their blessings! And there’s often a snowball effect: As seniors hear others recount blessings (family; children; health; good food; another day to live), it jogs positive memories about their own many blessings.

I hope that’s your experience as you use this 48-minute church service video to bless the elders in your care.

Watch the service on blessing here. And please, send me reports of the blessings you count!

Photo by Stefan Lehner on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Dementia-friendly worship service: Blessing

  1. Jayne Love says:

    Had not even checked email today but when I popped into YouTube this morning to set up indoor Wed Worship with residents in Mullins House here at Angels, I found this latest service just sitting there as my first choice to select. So excited to see the theme! We all were thoroughly blessed by your encouragement, the hymns, scripture, Bag of Shoes story and our “pause the video” discussion. Thank you for continuing to be a blessing and letting your light shine![Image.jpeg][Image.jpeg][Image.jpeg]

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      • Paula Classey says:

        Hello, I wanted to let you know how I appreciate your work and your generous provision of services and music.
        I work in long term care ad the spiritual care provider. Today I was given five minutes to pull together an impromptu hymn sing. On other occasions the activation personnel has pulled up music video hymns. They have lovely scenery and hard to read fancy script for the words that seniors have trouble seeing. Most of the range is too high or hard to follow.
        Today I told them to pull up your music slides and singing. My seniors thanked me saying the variety was really good and the styles of music. The songs where a good key to sing and really nice to listen to if we stopped singing. I observed as we sang and the participation and enjoyment was obvious. Thank your for the use of these resources.


      • Elisa Bosley says:

        What a fantastic testimony! Thank you so much for sharing these specifics. That was exactly my intent, to make them easy for seniors to participate. And stay tuned: Christmas songs coming to YouTube soon! Bless you for your good work. PS – I would love to add your note to my testimonials page, if that’s OK.


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