Dementia-friendly church service: Laughter

I can’t help but love this week’s nondenominational worship service theme: laughter! 😁This video is a NEW recording (the old one had wonky sound) and even includes some new jokes. Don’t miss the end 🥸

This service in particular is a winner for older adults with Alzheimer’s and other dementias because, well, it’s a lot of fun.

Watch the 44-minute video church service on laughter here.

Peace be with you,

P.S. Click here for the written church service agenda on laughter, including lots of extra jokes!

P.P.S. This morning I saw a wonderful “Joy Workout” via the New York Times. You might want to try this (perhaps seated) with your elders to bring a smile.

Photo by kazuend on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Dementia-friendly church service: Laughter

  1. John Anderson says:

    Thank you so much! I am a chaplain in a large senior facility. I have used your Bible studies many times. I also use your recorded chapel services when I am out of town. The staff simply projects Youtube on a large screen in our chapel and the folks can follow right along 🙂 Thanks again!


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