Dementia-friendly church service: The Golden Rule

Another updated nondenominational worship service video is ready! This one is on The Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It’s a famous “rule” — but not always easy 😇

As always, this video church service is suitable for older adults with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Watch the 43-minute worship service on The Golden Rule here.

Peace be with you,

P.S. Sorry I’ve dropped the ball on uploading more Bible study activity videos! I’ve got them recorded but just haven’t had time to edit them. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience.

P.P.S. Here’s the written agenda for the service on the Golden Rule.

Photo by Andrea Tummons on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Dementia-friendly church service: The Golden Rule

  1. Sue McGuigan says:

    Hi Elisa, please don’t apologise- your ministry is wonderful & helps equip us to serve His people. Thank you for all you do.
    God Bless


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