Dementia-friendly church service: Mother’s Day

This week I recorded a new version of my nondenominational church service for Mother’s Day.

As always, this church service is suitable for older adults with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. I hope you both enjoy it as you remember and celebrate the role of motherhood, which I believe originates with God.

Watch the 44-minute worship service for Mother’s Day here.

And for those of you providing a live service, here’s the written church agenda for Mother’s Day.

Peace be with you,

Photo by Bethany Beck on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Dementia-friendly church service: Mother’s Day

  1. Nanci Keenan says:

    Elisa, we are about to begin our worship service with an Assisted Living Community. My part would be to read a devotion. And if the leader can’t attend, then I plan to use one of your videos. But, do you have any devotions that I could print out and take with me. I have the prayers to Bless Elders, but a bit more would really be helpful. Thank you


    • Elisa Bosley says:

      Hi Nanci! I’m afraid I’m not exactly sure what you mean by a “devotion” as part of the worship service… All of my worship service agendas have an interactive homily: a way to explore that week’s theme but using questions to engage people. By “devotion,” do you mean a reflection on a piece of scripture, like a paragraph that you could read aloud? I’m actually working on something along those lines right now. If you contact me by email (use the “Contact” form on the website), I’ll be happy to send you what I have to see if it’s what you’re looking for. Thanks!


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