Nondenominational church service for seniors: Mercy

Greetings! Here is this week’s online nondenominational church service video for elders, particularly those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. The theme is mercy.

There’s so much to say about mercy and forgiveness that this 46-minute service barely scratches the surface. Nevertheless, I hope it blesses and encourages your seniors who are still in isolation due to covid-19 restrictions.

The YouTube service includes:

  • Familiar recitations: Psalm 23 (“The Lord is my shepherd”), the Lord’s Prayer (“Our Father”)
  • Classic hymns and spiritual songs
  • A homily that you can pause at any time for further discussion
  • Quotes and stories about mercy

I love hearing how people are using these videos! Feel free to leave a comment or question or suggestion below. Thank you for the encouragement, and thank you for blessing elders by offering spiritual care.

Image by Diana de Weert from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Nondenominational church service for seniors: Mercy

  1. Jayne Love says:

    As always, thank you for the gift of these services. We finally got a ROKU on our TV so I’m excited to share you “live” or at least let my Angel friends see you on the big screen. Will be interesting to see which residents prefer the video and which prefer to just listen to the audio while we’re sitting and rocking on our outdoor covered patio. Think many will find it helpful to see the words on the screen and watch you “in person.” Expect at least a few to say they prefer to just listen and sing along like they did with old-time radio programs. Either way or both ways, I am so grateful for your weekly gift. All praise belongs to Him!

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  2. Elisa Bosley says:

    Jayne, that’s wonderful to hear! I’ll be interested to learn how your friends like the video version (or not :)). My motto is, whatever works! Blessings to you and glory to God.


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